The 8 Stages Of A Toxic Relationship

There is much mystery surrounding the word ‘narcissist’ and the behaviors that embody it, with many of us completely unaware until we experience it ourselves. Lovebombing, gaslighting, the silent treatment… What are they? How do we know when they’re happening? Imagine the heartache we could save ourselves if we were able to recognize the signs sooner.

Stage 1: Pressure to commit

When the relationship begins, you literally can’t believe your luck. Every insecurity you have is seen, recognized, and proved wrong. You’ve finally found someone who wants a relationship as much as you do. Someone who doesn’t play games, who rings when they say they will, and wants to see you as much as possible. They make an effort to get to know you, to talk to you, and to compliment you. They might talk about the long term – things like holidays, marriage, moving in together. It’s literally a whirlwind.

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