Read This And You’ll Never Need To Hit On Anyone Ever Again

The way we hit on each other needs an update.

Even the name is fucked up: the verb “to hit.” When I think of being hit, allusions of being struck down, punched, or targeted bubble up into my consciousness. How on earth do we expect to flirt, connect, and ultimately find partnership when the basic language and mechanics of our mating strategy sound like a goddamn MMA fight?

While yes, the way we hit on each other has taken us on a ride far, far off course from our destination of closeness and connection, I believe, with a bit of adjustment, we can hop on the right path. It all starts with understanding the current underpinnings of the hit-er and hit-ee landscape.

“No until proven yes.” Say that with me again. “No until proven yes.” This is what should be going through ours heads when we approach a stranger.

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