13 Reasons Why You Should Love A Libra

1. They are excellent listeners. libra will spend all day listening to you if that’s what you need from them. They have a natural tendency to place themselves on a back burner when someone they love needs help or is suffering. They are the one you can turn to for a shoulder to cry on no matter what, which often makes them the most loyal partners and friends. Libras are known to do anything for their family and those they love.

2. They’re great at conflict-resolution. Libras are natural peacekeepers who love keeping the balance, which means they often excel at being mediators when there is a conflict. They realize that there are two sides to every story and will keep an open mind. While it makes them uncomfortable, a libra won’t shy away from confrontation if it means a resolution is possible. Because of this, libras are often great communicators because they aim to avoid conflict whenever possible.

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